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What should I do after my Delaware car accident?

Our Georgetown personal injury attorneys explain what to do

Car accidents in Delaware can be confusing, chaotic events. That’s why it can be so overwhelming knowing what to do after a serious car accident caused by another driver. We know because our experienced Delaware car accident lawyers at Gill, Welsh, and Chamberlain, P.A. have worked with countless people hurt in crashes caused by other drivers.

Founded in 1983, our law firm has well-earned reputation throughout Delaware for being detail-oriented, results-driven attorneys who put our clients’ needs first. We know how to thoroughly investigate car accidents. We know evidence matters most. We won’t rest until justice is served.

What to do after your car accident

Every car accident is different, but often, there are steps you should take to protect your rights and well-being after a crash caused by another driver. We strongly recommend taking the following steps after your accident:

  • Call the police and ask them to respond to your car accident.
  • If you or anyone else thinks you’re injured, ask the police to send an ambulance.
  • If you feel healthy enough to do so, get the following information from the other driver:
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Insurance information
  • Do not make any other comments about your accident to the other driver.
  • Anything you say to the other driver could later be used against you.
  • If someone saw your accident, get the witness’s full name, address and phone number.
  • Take photographs of your car accident.
  • Contact your insurance company after your accident.
  • Tell your insurance company the other driver caused your crash.
  • Do not say anything else to your insurance company.
  • If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, do not say anything.
  • Refer all their questions to us. Our legal team can deal with them on your behalf.
  • Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation.
  • Schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Make sure you take your car accident seriously right from the start. Even if you know the other driver clearly caused your crash, don’t assume anything. Protect your rights and contact our law firm as soon as possible.

Get the help you need from Delaware car accident lawyers who get results

The reason many car accidents turn out to be so complicated is because many at-fault drivers deny doing anything wrong. Or even worse, they might try to blame you for causing your collision. Their insurance company will likely agree with them. That’s because they’re looking for any excuse to not have to pay you the money you deserve for your accident-related expenses.

That’s not right. That’s why we’re here for you every step of the way. We know how to investigate car accidents. We know how to deal with car insurance companies. If they refuse to negotiate or cooperate with us, we will not hesitate to take them to court and file a car accident lawsuit against them on your behalf.

Get the help you need and deserve after your car accident. Contact our law firm and schedule your free consultation with a Delaware car accident lawyer who stand up for your rights.

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