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One of the most difficult issues to resolve during a divorce is child custody. It can be a very complicated and contentious process, and emotions can run high. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced legal advocate by your side. The lawyers at Gill, Welsh, and Chamberlain, P.A. are ready to help.

The goal of any divorce involving children is to reach an arrangement that helps children maintain stable relationships with both parents. Each parent may have different ideas about what that kind of arrangement would look like, however. Our attorneys understand the difficulties involved in reaching a child custody arrangement and can help guide you through the process.

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There are many specifics that need to be worked out in a child custody arrangement, including:

  • Which parent will have primary custody
  • How much time children will spend with each parent
  • Working out a visitation schedule
  • Deciding where children will go for holidays and vacations
  • What to do to if a spouse doesn’t follow the parenting plan
  • How to deal with changes in circumstances (for example, if a parent moves or gets a new work schedule)

There are many factors to consider when creating a plan for custody and visitation. Any arrangement needs to address the best ways to meet the emotional, physical and financial needs of your children. Agreement needs to be reached on issues involving both legal and physical custody.

Before approving any custody arrangement, a judge takes into account the best interests of the child. This involves consideration of each parent’s wishes, the child’s relationship with parents, the child’s emotional and physical health, the child’s adjustment to home and school, the child’s wishes regarding custody and other factors.

A visitation schedule is usually arranged after considering each parent’s work schedule, the child’s school schedule and the child’s extracurricular activities. The schedule may include overnight stays, alternate weekends and mid-week visits.

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Our experienced attorneys have been serving the legal needs of clients in Sussex County since 1983. People trust us because they know we are honest with them and will fight to reach a resolution that meets their needs. We know how difficult child custody issues can be and are ready to stand up for your rights.

We have the experience, legal knowledge and resources needed to help you successfully navigate the legal process involving child custody. Things may not work out exactly the way you wanted, but we are committed to helping you find a resolution that works for your child and works for you.

Our lawyers know that this is not an easy process to go through. We are ready to help guide you through the process and will be there for you every step of the way.

If you are going through a divorce involving child custody, learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer. We can talk about your situation, concerns and goals and answer any questions you have. Then we can plan a legal strategy to help you move forward.

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