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Delaware Pedestrian Accidents, Safety In The Spotlight This Month

SUV turns into crosswalk towards pedestrian

October is Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month in Delaware

Pedestrian accidents that result in serious injuries or fatalities remain a serious problem in Delaware. That's one reason the State of Delaware has designated October as "Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month."

"The state of Delaware is committed to reducing and eliminating pedestrian fatalities through public education programs, safety audits, expanding and improving pedestrian infrastructure, and enforcing pedestrian safety laws," a recent proclamation from the Delaware governor's office says.

At the Law Office of Edward C. Gill, P.A., we know the dangers pedestrians face every day. We have helped many injury victims, and their families deal with the aftermath of a serious pedestrian accident and take pride in holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

If you or someone you love was hit by a car in Delaware, make sure you understand your potential legal options. Contact us today to learn how an experienced Delaware pedestrian accident attorney can fight for the compensation you deserve.

How bad are pedestrian accidents in Delaware?

Pedestrian accidents and fatalities remain a serious problem in Delaware. Last year, 30 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in the state, according to the governor's office. That figure represents 22 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in the state.

Last year's pedestrian accident death toll in Delaware represented a 20 percent increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities in the state compared to the year before, when 25 pedestrians were killed.

Why do pedestrian accidents happen?

Pedestrians are often hit by drivers who are reckless or negligent. Examples include:

  •      Distracted drivers who hit a pedestrian in a crosswalk or while walking alongside a street.
  •      Speeding drivers who don't give themselves enough time to slow down or stop to avoid hitting a pedestrian.
  •      Texting drivers who fail to look out for pedestrians because they're distracted.
  •       Aggressive drivers who refuse to share the road with pedestrians.

5 safety tips for drivers to avoid a pedestrian accident

The Delaware Department of Transportation recently offered 5 safety tips for drivers to prevent them from causing pedestrian accidents, including:

  • Look for pedestrians at all times while driving.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when turning or entering a crosswalk.
  • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and stop well back from crosswalks.
  • Follow the speed limit, especially on busy city streets and school zones.
  • Be extra cautious when backing up a car in order to avoid a rear-end pedestrian accident.
  • Don't go around a car stopped at a crosswalk. They may be waiting for a pedestrian to cross the road.

How a pedestrian accident lawyer can help

At the Law Office of Edward C. Gill, P.A., we know how to deal with insurance companies and fight for maximum compensation, whether negotiating a better settlement offer or filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit on your behalf. You can count on us to be there for you when you need us most.

Learn more about your legal rights. Contact us and schedule a free case evaluation with a Delaware pedestrian accident attorney focused on you. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you only have to pay us if we win a financial settlement or verdict for you.

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