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Our attorneys stand up for the rights of injured workers

People suffer work-related injuries every year in Georgetown, Sussex County and throughout Delaware. The state’s workers’ compensation system is supposed to help, but the process can be complicated. Workers may not get all of the benefits they deserve. Our personal injury attorneys also fight for the rights of injured workers.

At Gill, Welsh, and Chamberlain, P.A., we know the obstacles that workers face when trying to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Insurance companies are concerned about profits and try to limit the benefits that injured workers receive. They have lawyers looking out for their best interests. That’s why you need an experienced attorney who will fight for you.

Our attorneys know how to get results

Common work injuries in Delaware include repetitive stress injuries, head and brain injuries, occupational diseases, knee and leg injuries, back injuries, broken bones, lifting injuries, hearing loss and vision loss. Recovery can take months or even longer. Some workers are left with a permanent disability.

We know how an injury can affect workers and their families. Workers may need diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy and multiple follow-up appointments with doctors. Until they are able to return to work, there is less money coming in to pay the bills.

Workers’ compensation benefits are set up to pay the cost of medical treatment, as well as partial wages. This is designed to help injured workers get through this difficult time without having to worry about medical costs or making ends meet. It doesn’t always work out the way it should, however.

Insurance companies are always concerned about cutting costs. They may question the need for certain tests, treatments or medication. They may want you to be examined by a doctor of their own choosing. They may pressure you into returning to work, even though you are still recovering from your injuries.

Ready to stand up for the rights of workers throughout Delaware

Our attorneys will fight for you to help you get the workers’ compensation benefits you need and deserve. If your claim is denied, we will help you file an appeal and represent you at all hearings in front of the Industrial Accident Board. We are even prepared to fight for you in court to help you recover the benefits you deserve.

We know all the tactics that insurance companies use to try to limit your benefits. For example, they may try to seek full access to your medical records. They are hoping to find evidence of a pre-existing condition, so they can argue you don’t deserve benefits. We fight back against these attempts.

If your work injury was caused by a negligent third-party – such as a contractor of manufacturer – you may be able to take legal action to recover financial compensation. Our personal injury lawyers know how to build strong cases that get results.

Don’t delay – take the first step to stand up for your rights. Our lawyers are ready to help if you’ve been injured on the job in Delaware. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can review the details of your work accident, go over your legal options and answer any questions you have.

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