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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

A Georgetown, Delaware personal injury lawyer answers your questions

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, searching for a personal injury lawyer may be overwhelming. The last thing you need is the stress that comes with dealing with insurance companies. Many insurance companies expect motorcycle accident victims to simply take what they are offering. They have the advantage and often place the blame on the rider, giving you only a fraction of the compensation that you deserve. Our motorcycle accident lawyers take on the insurance companies, stand up for your rights, and ensure that you receive fair compensation for damages.

At Gill, Welsh, and Chamberlain, P.A., we can answer your questions during the first stage of this process, so you know exactly how we can build a strong case to help you get the best possible outcome.

Some frequently asked questions about motorcycle accidents:

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, our lawyers will stand up for you and fight against insurance companies that try to prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. With legal representation, the outcome of your case will be better, and we can help you get the maximum financial compensation for your injuries. We offer a free initial consultation to understand your case, start building a defense, and determine the best course of action to start the fight for you. Contact us today.

Do I really need a motorcycle accident lawyer?

You should always talk to a qualified lawyer for advice on your case. The laws can be complex and difficult to navigate. That’s why having a trained, experienced legal professional is crucial when seeking a fair settlement. Insurance companies often take advantage of motorcycle accident victims, as most people don’t have enough legal knowledge to defend themselves effectively in court. Insurers may even try to talk you out of seeking outside advice in order to take advantage of you. We know the tactics that insurance companies use, and we fight against them by building a strong case that proves negligence and helps you get you fully compensated.

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What damages can I recover?

You should speak to our lawyers to determine what degree of damages you can recover for your specific case. If you’ve suffered life-changing injuries as a result of your accident, we will fight for compensation for all medical expenses, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, as well as lost wages due to your inability to work during your period of recovery. We may also seek compensation for pain and suffering (both physical and psychological). There are many factors involved in each motorcycle accident case, such as the extent of injuries sustained and the cause of the accident, that we use to calculate damages.

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How long will it take to resolve my case?

It can be difficult to give a definitive answer to this question because there are many factors involved in each person’s case. A successful motorcycle accident claim determines that the other party caused you to suffer damages due to their negligence. It all depends on the insurance company’s cooperation and the amount of evidence you must support your claim. If there’s a lot of documentation to support your claim and the insurance company is willing to pay you what you deserve, the case could resolve very quickly. If the insurance company decides to fight the claim and go to court, however, the process can take months or even years, in certain cases. We can provide more information during your consultation after we better understand your case.

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What if my motorcycle accident was caused by a hit-and-run driver?

If the driver flees the scene before the police arrive, there is no way to identify them or obtain their insurance information to recover damages. This makes hit-and-run cases more complex. It is difficult to establish that the other driver was at fault when you are unable to identify them. In addition, your insurance company might challenge the amount of damages you pursue. Our experienced lawyers can help you navigate this situation. We will help you file a claim through your uninsured motorist policy, if you have this coverage. Our lawyers can guide you through the process of obtaining the maximum compensation possible.

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What if my loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident?

If your loved one was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident, we will pursue a wrongful death claim. This is like a personal injury claim in that we will establish negligence on the driver’s part to recover damages. These cases are generally more complicated when determining who is able to file the claim and who is entitled to the damages. Our experienced lawyers will fight to ensure that the negligent driver is held accountable for their actions. We will build a strong case to recover all damages possible to take care of funeral expenses, burial expenses, and damages for your own sorrow from losing your loved one.

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What steps should I take after a motorcycle accident?

Immediately go to the emergency room or get medical attention to be checked for injuries. When you can, notify your insurance company that you were in a motorcycle accident. Only state the facts of what happened and don’t answer any questions. Then contact a lawyer.

Do not accept any settlements or admit fault until you get professional legal advice. Insurance companies may attempt to offer you a lower settlement, but we can help you collect important documents, such as the police report from the accident, medical bills and hospital admission forms, and any documents that can support a lost wage claim (W-2, for example) due to injuries that prevented you from working.

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