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Georgetown Intersection Set for Traffic Study Due to Speeding Concerns

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The study will target the Cinder Way and Mulberry Street intersection.

Officials in Georgetown, Delaware, recently decided to have a traffic study done in Georgetown due to concerns about increased traffic and more speeding drivers at certain intersections, according to Coast TV News.

"GPS finds the quicker way, so it's creating a little bit more traffic through some of the residential communities than what we're used to," Georgetown Town Manager Gene Dvornick said in an interview with Coast TV News.

Georgetown, Delaware traffic study focuses on speeding

According to Coast TV News, the upcoming traffic study in Georgetown will focus on the intersection of Cinder Way and Mulberry Street. Officials in Georgetown decided to conduct the study based on comments from residents about "numerous concerns of speeding and traffic volume," Coast TV News reported.

"The intersection is seemingly quiet at first, but neighbors say there have been more and more cars coming in recent months, including tractor-trailers," according to Coast TV News.

Another reason why there might be more speeding drivers at the intersection of Cinder Way and Mulberry Street is that there "are multiple road projects that may be contributing to the change in traffic patterns, including the closures of Arrow Safety Road at Bedford Road," Dvornick said, per Coast TV News.

How common are speeding-related accidents in Georgetown?

Speeding-related accidents have long been among Georgetown, Delaware's most common causes of car accidents. Roughly one-third of all car accident fatalities in Sussex County, which includes Georgetown, occur due to speeding drivers.

In 2021, for example, 10 car accident fatalities occurred in Sussex County, Delaware, due to speeding, which represents 34.4 percent of all car accident fatalities (29) that year statewide, according to car accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Speeding-related crashes in Delaware

Sussex County isn't the only place where speeding-related accidents are a problem in Delaware. Statewide, speeding continues to be a factor in many motor vehicle accidents. In the past decade, 38 people each year on average have died due to speeding-related accidents statewide, according to Delaware car accident data from 2012 to 2021 collected by the NHTSA.

Holding negligent drivers accountable with a car accident lawyer

Car accidents resulting from speeding drivers in Georgetown or other areas of Delaware can quickly turn into complex legal battles. This is because negligent drivers commonly deny any wrongdoing, and their insurance providers frequently support their stance while making efforts to minimize or reject your injury claim.

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