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Delaware Office of Highway Safety Turns to Communities for Road Safety

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Serious and fatal car accidents are on the rise in Delaware.

In recent years, Delaware has been dealing with an alarming surge in road safety concerns, including fatal car accidents. The state recorded 165 deaths on its roads in 2022, marking the highest toll in three decades. Another 7,887 people sustained injuries on Delaware roads in 2022. While most of the nation saw a decrease in traffic fatalities during the first half of 2023, Delaware had 77 road deaths, which represents a 2.4% increase from the first half of 2022.

In response to this alarming trend, Delaware's Office of Highway Safety (OHS) is shifting toward a more community-engaged strategy. The initial town hall meeting was hosted in Sussex County and delved into the specific factors contributing to fatalities in Delaware. These included:

  • A notably high number of pedestrian accidents
  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving under the influence

What action is the OHS taking to improve road safety?

OHS is taking a proactive stance by organizing town hall meetings in the state's three counties. These meetings are designed to address county-specific concerns and are a part of OHS's wider effort to bring about positive change. The timing of these gatherings aligns with the surge in crashes and fatalities observed around the same period last year. These numbers have signaled a critical need for immediate action.

Sharon Bryson, Director of OHS, stated, "There was a significant uptick that occurred in the fall. When you project that across the trend line, what we believe is that if we continue doing what we're currently doing and seeing the number of crashes that we're currently seeing, we will reach last year's number and potentially higher. So we've got to do something now."

Calling on the community

Bryson emphasized the value of community input. "We really want to hear from the community, you know this community, in a way that we can't possibly know it and understand what people in the community think would be helpful in terms of changing behavior," she said in a statement. "They may come back and say your social media campaigns are great. But you need to do more in-person events or the in-person events aren't helpful."

This approach highlights OHS's commitment to raising awareness and actively engaging with the local community to address specific issues and behaviors. The ultimate goal is curbing the rising road fatality rates and making Delaware's roads safer for all.

Crash victims have legal rights

Crash victims have legal rights, and if you've suffered an injury in a Delaware accident, it's crucial to be aware of these rights. Seeking immediate medical attention, even for seemingly minor injuries, is a key step in protecting those rights. Not only does it ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis and timely treatment, but it also helps create a documented record of your injury, which can be invaluable if you choose to pursue a claim.

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