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The Law Office Of Edward C Gill PA will represent you if you have been injured on the job in the state of Delaware.

We represent the victim, not the insurance companies or corporate wrongdoers. Our representation is limited only to those who suffered injury, illness or death while on the job.
For Workmen’s Compensation cases there is no charge for the initial consultation. Cases of this nature are handled on a contingency basis, with no attorney’s fees being owed unless there is a recovery for the client. Clients are responsible for all costs incurred in these types of cases.

Contact The Law Office Of Edward C Gill PA today at 302-854-5400 for all of your Delaware Workmen’s Comp needs.

Call 302-854-5400 Today for a Free Initial Consultation.

We care about our clients and are proud to treat them like family. Let our experience work for you. Call the Law Offices of Edward C Gill PA today and let us get you on the road to legal resolution.

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